About us Three years ago, three people got together to start a personal archive similar to Wikipedia. The reason was to remember dead people not only with a tombstone but with a biography, photos, etc. Important for us: it should be affordable for everyone. So to get a place to memory, although virtual. This keeps memories of and about these people, regardless of grave care or its resolution. In a few years later, it can be very interesting for the next generation. All this is made possible by a small annual fee ("Obolus"), as long as the internet exists or does not prevent us from force majeure. Since it should be permanent commemorative pages, we decided to keep the site free for us only after 20 years. This is quite possible because of the ID and the email address it is also possible for others (successors) to continue the memorial page (annual fee). At the moment we have five permanent employees and many more Freelancer. Information at: voncobbenrodt@gmail.com Please also read our Terms and Conditions Here it goes on: How does it work In memory is protected and www.imangedenken.com/.de/.at/.net and .ch are protected domains. These websites are maintained by us or freelancers. GOOGLE