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 Of course, you (and we) have to put some effort into commemorating people. You should have informationas well as collecting photos etc. for your memorial page.Take your time in compiling. Of course we can also change (for example spelling, photo) of you after you have the Data etc. have sent us in the first month, since the memorial page should exist long, change. Before you work with us inform us at our Emailadress: . We will probably have to talk to each other more often. If you interrupt or delete as a customer for a while, you will receive your memorial page as a zip file to your emailaddress.  


Before you send anything to us, you should have read the "Terms and Conditions" as they are included in our contract! Do not claim anything untrue or degrading in the text. You are responsible for the content of your memorial page.
After 20 years, we will take over your memorial page without you having to pay another contribution.
You can have your memorial page deleted at any time. This ends the contract. Annual fees paid will not be reimbursed.

If the contract is concluded:
you can publish or not publish. You will receive a link einstein.html (example link) to your memorial page and your identification number (ID).
Via the ID you can change the publication, again via email. You must always provide the ID when communicating with us! The email to us must contain: your first and last name, place of residence, street and number, telephone number (for a possible control call),
Birthday and your bank account details (for possible transfer back when we create the memorial page).

If we create a memorial page (website):

Once we have received your files and payment, we will make a memorial page for you
after the presentation on the web via a link to your page. If you don't like the page and want to delete it,
we will refund part of the amount paid. If you like it, it stays on our portal for 1 year at no additional cost.
We can see your email address from your cover letter. Send your pictures and text etc. in the attachment to imangedenken (at)
poss. Appearance of the website if you have no other suggestions: examples


If you have a finished memorial page (website):

Send us your finished page (with image / pictures as jpg and the text max. Approx. 1000 [we have to read it] characters - such as A4).
The memorial page may contain links (hyperlinks), but we set them, and should be an html or htm document.
Overall, the page should not exceed approximately 10 MB "megabytes" (photos, text, audio and Gedcom files). You can also send everything packed (help) via the attachment of your email.
We will then check your website, etc. and, if necessary, put it online on our portal.
We will then notify you of this via your email address and you will also receive a link so that you can view the page.

Family chronicle:

This chronicle logically thinks of several deceased people.
In contrast to the previous offers, 15MB of web space can be allocated.
300 characters per person (max. Approx. 10) can be used for the description.
Other rules can also apply here on request.
Otherwise the above conditions apply.


You can find the current costs here as a PDF: Costs
We can keep the annual fee low by simplicity. After this period, we will send you a payment request for the following year. If we do not receive the fee 7 days after being requested to do so, we will deactivate your website and delete it after a further 7 days. We will inform you several times.
There is also the option of a standing order, whereby you will be informed in good time via your email address of a change in the amount of the contribution.

To ensure continuity, it is also possible that you can share your identification number (ID), which you should keep safely, with someone else, who will then continue the commemoration. In this case we would reserve an additional 1 MB free of charge if you died.


further possibilities

a pedigree (Gedcom):

A Gedcom file contains your or the family tree of the deceased.
A free way to create you can z. B. at Ahnenblatt Download.
You can also send us this file (s) as a zip or rar file. All in all, the Web Gedcom
Do not exceed 0.5 MB and is free. We will set the link on your website to this file.

Audio file:

You can also send us an audio, we will set the link on your website to this file.
This file should not exceed 0.5 MB (about 20 - 40 sec.).


If you are a customer of ours, we will upload a film with the deceased (approx. 15 - 20 MB) to our YouTube channel, for a small one-off amount of money. It stays for 2 years or as long as you are our customer



Persons Memorial Website:

up to three people

more people

Number 1

Number 2


Obituary text examples (in German)





You can use a free packing program for your files.
You can download from the Internet either the 7-ZIP (recommended) or one from etc.

To make your self-made website more appealing with ornaments and the like, there are a lot of gifs and other things that you can insert into your website free of charge from the Internet. e.g .:

Programs to create website yourself


Instructions for KompoZer.
Blue Griffon

and so on...


Frank von Cobbenrodt

!Transfer money only when requested with ID in the purpose.!

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